May 29, 2024product notes

Product Notes #1 - "Grouper" Release Highlights

Revenium’s latest release, "Grouper," is jam-packed with new functionality and improvements. Here is a rundown of the latest product updates.

New Authentication | We've upgraded our authentication to give us more flexibility and reliability. If you are a current customer, you’ll get an "incorrect password" notice the first time you try to log in following the release. Submit the form a second time, and you’ll be sent a password reset link via email to create your new password. Issues? Email

If you aren’t a customer, there are now more options to create and secure your Revenium account. Plus, this change means our free trial sign-up is super speedy. ⚡️ Why not register today? (No credit card required.)
  • AWS gateway support | We’ve added support for managing & monetizing APIs in AWS gateways. (docs)
  • Additional SDKs | New SDKs make connecting your application to Revenium easier. SDKs for Java, Golang, .NET, and more are now available.
  • Service Alerts | Revenium now alerts you when services are not operating as expected. Alerts monitor for unusual error rates and latency or when APIs stop receiving traffic for a given period. (docs)
  • Expanded Product Definitions | When setting up a product, you can require prepayment for recurring and setup fees. You can also choose quarterly, semi-annually, or any other charging intervals.
  • Consolidated Subscription Overviews | View all your customer subscriptions in one place
  • App Performance Monitoring | See service performance trends over time. For example, following application upgrades or releases, this feature can help evaluate how code changes affect the customer experience. (docs)
compare periods.png
  • Products & Assets Cloning | To simplify the creation of new assets and products, you can use “the ‘clone’ functionality to duplicate existing items. Find this option to the right of the existing metering id. (see pic below)
  • Tag Support for Product Licenses | Product licenses now accept custom metadata tags, allowing additional customization for integrated systems.
  • Notifications Tune Up | Disable specific notification types for your customers, giving you more granular control over how you communicate with them.
  • Application Dark Mode | all the cool kids are doing it… and now so are we. Check out the toggle switch at the top of the application dashboard.

Revenium Drop-In Storefront for Salesforce Updates:

  • Subscription component allows users to view & manage multiple API subscriptions.
  • Storefront filters limit the products displayed for purchase to specific organizations.

Usability Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • When Product creation fails, the system now retains any entered information so the error can be corrected without replicating all information.
  • Assets using linked gateway providers will now display tags behind their name in the UI to allow customers to easily distinguish different assets with the same name (i.e., a QA or Development API vs. a Production API, all with the same name)
  • 🪲 Bug fix: Gateway-linked assets can now only be added to gateway-linked products

Simplified Navigation — With all the features we’ve added the last few releases, we noticed our navigation was getting a bit unwieldy. The navigation menu on the dashboard has been reorganized to keep related menu items togther.

Jason Cumberland, CPO


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