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Revenium™️ is the only purpose-built metered billing solution that connects to any data source, meters usage, and supports flexible usage-based monetization - while preventing technical lock-in.

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The Fast Path to Usage-Based Billing

We're changing the rules of usage-based metering and monetization.

In an era where APIs and data are pivotal across industries, Revenium dramatically improves the deployment and monetization of usage-based plans and products. Our intuitive, low-code platform enables rapid experimentation with pricing models and go-to-market strategies within your existing architecture.

  • Pre-built data Connectors
  • Integrate Any API Gateway or use an SDK
  • Connect unstructured and third-party data sources
  • Automatic source discovery & metering metric definitions
  • Drop-in Storefront components
  • Native billing functionality or BYO solution
  • Integrate with existing ERP, Finance, and CRM platforms
  • Observability tools & app usage and performance insights


Supercharge your existing API landscape to unlock the full potential of your data. Revenium addresses increasingly complex technical demands and customer needs by boosting API observability and monetization, empowering the development and delivery of products that drive revenue.


In a fantastically short time, AI has fundamentally changed how businesses imagine, interpret, and leverage data. Revenium's low-code data observability and monetization supercharge AI initiatives with insight and product agility to drive business value quickly.

Transform Ideas Into Income


Drive bottom-line results by transforming data into a valuable, monetizable asset.

Precise event-level usage metering and Revenium’s flexible architecture deliver innovative product configuration, diverse pricing models, and a future-proof app stack.

Flexible Pricing Models

Metering that originates at the event level supports any pricing model - from subscription-based to usage-centric and tiered pricing. Tailoring monetization to align with your business goals and customer needs is uncomplicated.

Advanced Product Configuration

Pricing and product configuration that begins with advanced metering at the event level offers unlimited value creation potential, such as:

  • Payload Size
  • API Call Frequency
  • AI-Driven Data Enrichment
  • Geolocation Data

Fully-integrated Commercial Platform

Native integrations with major ERPs and payment gateways ensure a cohesive approach to monetizing your digital products. And keep your monetization aligned with current business processes such as billing, invoicing, and customer support.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Engineering and supporting monetization functionality within your core product requires resources and technical expertise. Offloading this ongoing technical debt guarantees more efficient resource allocation and focus on functionality that is core to your product and value proposition.

Future-Proof & Adaptable Monetization

The digital marketplace is constantly evolving (um, AI, anyone?) ... so monetization adaptability is critical. With metering and monetization functionality that was engineered ground-up to be flexible - product changes, feature updates, and rolling out new offerings are just a few clicks away.

Fast, Low-Code Deployment

Streamlined monetization drives faster bottom-line impact. With proprietary, low-code metering agents, connecting your data ecosystem and configuring products is simplified, and reaching time-to-value is reduced.



Extraordinary observability across your data sources and usage means new insights, rapid issue detection, data integrity, better engineering, optimal performance, and user satisfaction.

Data Discovery & Insight

Event-level analytics make data fully transparent and actionable - at every level of your app or tech stack.

Streamlined Development

Insight about data usage and performance accelerates deployments, enhances code quality, and informs functionality decisions and coding priorities.

Cleaner Code

Visibility of data flows, and interactions help identify inefficient or redundant code paths, speeds iteration, and supports engineering a stable and scalable code base.

Improved Performance

Understanding data connections and dependencies highlights code inefficiencies, sluggish data flows, and performance lags, meaning query optimization, streamlining processing, and improving resource allocation is easier.

Responsive User Experience

Data-level observability and monitoring improve product reliability, enable proactive performance issue resolution, enhance responsiveness and reliability, and, ultimately, boost user satisfaction and trust.

Observability in Minutes Not Months

Install a low-code metering agent, and within minutes, you can connect, discover, and gain insight into your full data ecosystem - managed and unmanaged APIs, data repositories, AI/ML models, custom code, and more.

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Install our low-code agent, and within minutes, you can begin discovering and connecting your APIs and other data sources to learn about your data and create new digital products.