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Revenium (previously known as HyperCurrent), born in 2021, is different from your typical tech company. We're a crew of industry veterans with a boatload of experience in product development, cloud wizardry, monetization, and all things API-related. We've managed many tech businesses, grappling with the same daily challenges that all businesses face - from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Our mission? We want to eliminate the tech roadblocks that stifle your growth and get in the way of new products and revenue. Picture a world where your tech team can quickly and easily deploy new tools for non-technical business and product managers, helping them craft and expand dynamic, data-driven, digital offerings.

Our secret sauce? A nearly code-free approach that creates a custom "revenue mesh" to automate the moolah-making and market-conquering activities for your data-driven products and services.

At Revenium, we're all about transforming tech woes into tech "woahs". Benefit from our experience.

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John Rowell - CEO

Current state of residence: Virginia

Favorite color: Blue

Current Pet(s): Rosie a.k.a "Rosebud" (Black Lab)

Favorite vacation destination: San Sebastian, Spain - or any place that is by the ocean

Years in tech: 30

A unique fact about me is: The University of Alabama asked me to "take a break" after my 1st year. And yes, that takes work. (I did go back, btw.)

Frances Banks - CMO

Current state of residence: Kentucky

Favorite color: Navy blue (all day long)

Current Pet(s): Gretl (a 2-year-old Sheepadoodle)

Favorite vacation destination: Glacier National Park (or anywhere I am hiking with my kids.)

Years in tech: 30 (gulp!)

A unique fact about me is: I am the 7th daughter in a family of 8 children (and yes, my wonderful brother is #8)

Jason Cumberland - CPO

Current state of residence: Colorado

Favorite color: Green

Current Pet(s): Mater (Havanese) & Corry (A horse is a pet, right?)

Favorite vacation destination: Puerto Vallarta

Years in tech: (a+8)/㎥

A unique fact about me is: I spent a couple of years living in Germany and get back there every chance I can.

John D'Emic - CTO

Current state of residence: New York

Favorite color: Blue

Current Pet(s): Cú Chulainn (Golden Retriever), "Smokey" (Persian Cat)

Favorite vacation destination: Nassau, Bahamas

Years in tech: 25

A unique fact about me is: I played synthesizers in a hard rock band that headlined CBGBs.