Welcome to pricing that works for you and scales with your success!

Let's get right to the bottom line. Our pricing is all about ease of use and robust functionality. Each Revenium tier includes a set amount of events per billing cycle. But what sets Revenium apart is what happens when you exceed your plan limits.

Say hello to our "On-Demand Events." They're a safety net for your data-driven adventures, available at a sweet discount per event and ready when you need them. You pay for any on-demand events you've used at the end of each billing cycle.


Free Forever

$0.00 /mo

  • Includes 30,000 Events
  • Price per 10K Events: $0.00
  • Price per 10K On-Demand Events: N/A
  • 7 Days of Data Retention


Pay As You Grow

$19 /mo

  • Includes 100,000 Events
  • Price per 10K Events: $1.90
  • Price per 10K On-Demand Events: $1.90
  • 90 Days of Data Retention


Customized Solutions


  • Includes 155,000,000 Events & Up
  • Price per 10K Events: Custom
  • Price per 10K On-Demand Events: Custom
  • 365 Days of Data Retention

All-Inclusive Features Regardless of Plan

Unlike other vendors, we don't believe in holding features hostage based on your plan. Go crazy. Use whatever features you need. There's no feature segmentation here. With Revenium, whether you're using our entry-level plan at just $19 a month or a scale-up or enterprise plan, ALL the features of Revenium are at your fingertips.

At Revenium, we put the power in your hands. Choose a plan that suits your needs, scale effortlessly, and let your product inventiveness run wild—all without breaking the bank.