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Intelligent Metering for Modern Usage-Based Products

Revenium Product Overview

Revenium is a cloud-based software product designed to revolutionize how you manage usage-based metering and billing. Seamlessly connect any data source to capture metering events, aggregate them, and use the data for precise metering, rating, billing, and analytics.


Low-Code Integration: Connect diverse data sources quickly, reducing time to market with our pre-built data connectors. Integrate any API gateway or use SDKs for custom apps and sources.

Meter Data from Any API or Source: Revenium's flexibility allows for metering any event regardless of origin. This ensures that all your data is captured accurately and efficiently.


Precise Event Metering: With Revenium, you can meter and charge for any event, ensuring precise and accurate usage-based billing.

Next-Gen Usage-Based Billing: Our platform offers modern metering and monetization for usage-based products, solving your billing woes with advanced and flexible metering that works seamlessly with your existing billing systems.

Metering for Any Data Source: Easily add new plans and pricing as you scale, adapting quickly to market demands and customer needs.

Rapid Plan & Pricing Iteration: Revenium enables rapid iteration with plan configuration and pricing models without touching the code in your product.


Monetize Usage-Based Billing: Easily offer usage-based, subscription or hybrid products that rely on a single or many data sources, ensuring you can capitalize on the consumption events that your customers value.

Drop-in Store Front Components: With drop-in storefront components, the monetization process is simplified, making implementing and managing billing plans easier than ever. Components work with our native portal, your own website, and your preferred payment gateway.

(BYOB) Bring your own Billing - Revenium has fully integrated and native invoicing and billing capabilities, but it's also engineered to work with existing invoicing, subscription management, billing, and financial systems. Whatever works for you can work with Revenium.

Why Choose Revenium?

Usage-Based Billing Woes: Developers, listen up. Avoid all the hassle of DIY metering and billing. Revenium’s low-code approach minimizes tech debt and accelerates development.

Focus on Building Your Product: Let Revenium handle the complex billing processes so you can concentrate on what you do best – building great products.

Generous Free Trial: Our 30-day free trial includes 50,000,000 free events, giving you ample opportunity to see how quickly you can connect data, build products, and complete a proof-of-concept. Paid plans start at just $19 per month.

Start your free trial today so you can experience the future of usage-based metering and billing with Revenium.