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HyperCurrent Announces New Brand: "Revenium” and Latest Product Release

HyperCurrent, currently known for its groundbreaking work in API monetization, announced today a transition to a new name and brand: Revenium™️. 

Unveiling Revenium™️ : The Essential Element of Digital Revenue Generation

HyperCurrent, currently known for its groundbreaking work in API monetization, announced today a transition to a new name and brand: Revenium™️. 

John Rowell, Revenium's CEO, shares his enthusiasm for the new brand direction, stating, "Revenium embodies the full spectrum of value that our product delivers. At its core, our focus is empowering businesses through revenue generation, a crucial aspect of any thriving company. While the HyperCurrent brand addressed the intricacies of API monetization, Revenium expands on this vision. It captures the vast potential of data-centric digital products and services, opening new avenues for growth and innovation."

What is Revenium?

Revenium is a pioneering and indispensable element in the periodic table of digital revenue generation. As a catalyst, it seamlessly exposes APIs and enterprise data assets to bridge the components of digital products to actualize revenue and drive ROI. 

Jason Cumberland, Chief Product Officer of Revenium, expands, "Much like discovering a new chemical element can revolutionize our understanding of matter, Revenium reshapes the narrative of how enterprises can capitalize on API-driven services, data, and digital offerings. Moreover, we have expanded our focus, helping businesses realize unparalleled digital revenue growth with superior product functionality, expanded customer success resources, and our new self-service sign-up and onboarding." 

More Than a Name Change: The Revenium Revenue Mesh is a Game Changer in Digital Monetization

Along with an expanded brand, Revenium is also announcing the delivery of its latest product release, which solidifies the elements of our groundbreaking revenue mesh architecture, setting a new standard for complete digital monetization, go-to-market agility, and business observability.

A revenue mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that facilitates the flow of data, financial information, transactions, and product insight by connecting multiple underlying API-based services, data repositories, and third-party products and services.

John D'Emic, CTO & CoFounder of Revenium,  further explains, "Similar to a service mesh within the context of microservices, a revenue mesh efficiently connects and manages the exchange of core product and financial data within a digital product or service offering." 

This latest release solidifies Revenium's focus on: 

Innovation, Not Just Infrastructure- Revenium's proprietary Revenue Mesh architecture features easy integration through zero-code installation. Revenium seamlessly synchronizes the potential of a vast majority of existing API management platforms, Service Mesh platforms, unmanaged APIs, data lakes, ML/AI, and other data sources to harness their combined value.

Next-gen Observability- Knowledge is power, and Revenium's robust real-time observability layer gives businesses the power to make informed decisions. From cataloging APIs to monitoring real-time customer engagement, product usage patterns, revenue trajectories, and vital KPIs, Revenium presents an unmatched view of product efficacy and the entire revenue life cycle. 

Go-to-Market Agility- Quickly and precisely launching new products is pivotal in the digital age. Revenium's revenue mesh is designed for fast deployment from ideation to customer integration. Its user-centric design means non-technical product teams can manage product launches and subsequent development.

Monetization Innovation- Going beyond traditional metering and invoicing, Revenium pushes the boundaries of monetization agility. Businesses can adopt versatile pricing models, whether subscription-based, usage-centric, or tiered pricing structures influenced by payload size, API call frequency, or even AI monetization and geolocation data. Companies can also merge data with ERPs to integrate business tools and processes. 

Rowell concludes, "As we transition to the Revenium brand, we are excited to support businesses in their journey to redefine digital revenue streams that encompass not just the untapped potential of their APIs but their entire catalog of digital data and opportunities." 

For more details or to create a Revenium account (no credit card required), visit our newly launched website at revenium.io. For media relations, contact Frances Banks via email at media@revenium.io. 

About Revenium:

In an era where APIs are pivotal across industries and solutions, Revenium (formerly HyperCurrent) accelerates digital product delivery, revenue generation, and ROI. With "zero code" installation, compatibility with major API management platforms, advanced monetization capabilities, flexible go-to-market tools, and next-gen observability, Revenium is the ideal solution for businesses seeking to turn ideas into income.

Frances Banks, CMO


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