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Improved Branding, VAT Verification & More - Revenium Flathead Release Details

TLDR: Revenium's latest release, Flathead, includes improved branding capabilities, VAT verification for international customers, and expanded data source connectivity. Future upgrades to the API observability suite will provide advanced API performance monitoring and alerting capabilities.

Revenium's latest release, code-named 'Flathead,' is now in general release. We've listened to customer feedback and have focused on enhancing the features you need most. Here's a summary of the key features added in this update:


One of the main areas of development in this release was improving branding capabilities for customers who connect development portals to Revenium to create digital product storefronts.

Specifically, API assets and products allow you to store your customer logos, giving you more control over your branding options in a connected API storefront. You also have the freedom to choose between the default subscription pricing template or to customize how pricing is presented for each product in your storefront.

VAT Verification

Next, we released a significant enhancement for companies selling to customers outside the United States, supporting VAT ID Verification and VAT calculation. Revenium products configured to collect taxes will now automatically determine whether VAT applies for a given transaction and prompt the customer to supply a VAT number.

More Data Sources

We also expanded the list of Data Sources natively optimized to send metering data to Revenium, making connecting data from more sources to Revenium even easier. Remember that options to send data to Revenium include anything from automated container traffic monitoring to log-parsing, with additional options for various SDKs and API gateway plugins.

Plumbing Work: Behind the Scenes

In addition to these customer-facing features, we worked on upgrades to our backend code for our API observability suite. Although these features haven't been exposed to the front end, we'll leverage this work to add advanced API performance monitoring and alerting capabilities in a future release. This expanded visibility will be ideal for customers seeking an 'all-in-one' digital product management solution.

If you'd like a sneak peek of how any of the new features work or would like to share feedback on what would be helpful to you, we'd love to talk. And if you still need to become a customer, our free trial is a great way to explore all the features Revenium offers.

Jason Cumberland, CPO


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