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Expanded Data Insights & API Efficiency - Revenium's Latest "Esturion" Product Release

Revenium's "Esturion" release further streamlines API monetization and enhances analytics to expand API product management insights.

Last week, we pushed the latest Revenium release - codenamed Esturion - to production. The Esturion release delivers functionality that expands your ability to understand better and more easily monetize your data and API-dependent digital products.

Here's a rundown of the new features in Revenium:

Expanded Analytics Insights - View important information about your API's performance in a new dashboard.

New reports help you quickly pinpoint changes in performance over time and determine if incidents are isolated to a single API or a particular customer or are affecting the customer experience more broadly. This information helps you identify the root causes of issues more quickly and distinguish events caused by application problems from those caused by specific customer behavior.


Advanced Analytics Search - Spend less time sifting through disparate log files to find information.

Instead of looking through dozens of logs from individual systems to correlate events, our new Advanced Search page centralizes all API logging in one place. You can quickly find the exact transactions you need for troubleshooting or product usage analysis with efficiency.


Container-Native Metering - Monitor all API services running in Docker containers via a single process running on the host.

As our recent blog post highlighted, you can now test and install our container-native metering agent (a Container-Native Isotope™️) with < 5 lines of code. If you want to test this agent in a self-contained Docker stack linked to your Revenium account, you can use our repository on GitHub and be up and running in minutes.

Product Set-up Fees -You can now configure your Revenium-built products to include set-up fees.

For products requiring labor-intensive processes to establish a new customer, you can recoup those costs by adding a set-up fee to customer invoices. If this is a feature you're interested in using, search for the term "one-time set-up fee" in docs for configuration options.

That's a wrap for the Esturion release of Revenium, but there's much more to come!

By the way, if you're an API engineer, developer, or product manager, we're always willing to discuss how we can engineer Revenium to make your life easier. Please send us a note with suggestions at support@revenium.io, or if you'd prefer to talk, book time for a chat with our CPO (that's me) using this link. Or, start a free trial using the link below and experience Revenium for yourself.

Jason Cumberland, CPO


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